Top Health and Fitness Tips for Holiday Season

With the season change and the pandemic shaking things up, here are a few simple things you can do to keep making progress:

1. Schedule your workouts.

Things are going to get busy in October….in November…in December, and time is kind of like space in the garage: It gets filled with clutter if you don’t protect it. Don’t let stuff expand to fill up all your time. Right now, pull out your calendar and schedule your workouts for the next month. Once you have them booked, treat them like important appointments that can’t be moved. This is key to building your routine as kids go back to school (or don’t, in some places), governments deal with the pandemic and job stress increases.

2. Get fitness out of the way earlier in the day.

This doesn’t mean you have to work out at 5 a.m. Some people don’t do mornings, and that’s okay. You just have to schedule your workouts at the earliest time in the day that works for you. Don’t leave them until last, when you’re worn out. You only have so much will power, and if you plan to work out late in the evening, you might be out of steam when the hour arrives. Make a little time for fitness earlier in the day. That way you only have to fall into bed when you’re tired, not try and find just a little more energy to hit a workout.

3. Pack your gym bag the night before.

This is a small thing, but it’s super effective. If you’re scrambling in the morning, the kids are crazy and you’re running late, you might say “forget it” to fitness if you have to pack a bag. But if it’s sitting by the door, all you have to do is grab it. Better yet, put it in the car so there’s no chance you forget it. An emergency measure: Always leave some “backup” clean workout gear and shoes in the car or at the office so you’re covered if you ever forget the gym bag.

4. Prioritize nutrition and rest.

If you’re feeling burned out, you can do wonders for your health just by eating well and getting a little extra sleep. Resist the urge to order the 11 p.m. pizza. Get healthy meals planned and then get to bed on time—or even early if you’re feeling run down. If you absolutely can’t find time to work out, sleep and nutrition become even more important.

5. Get some healthy snacks.

Many trips through the drive-thru are caused by hunger and desperation. You can often avoid them by getting some healthy options in place so you’re prepared when hunger strikes. Maybe keep a box of low-sugar, high-protein bars at the office, or put a few healthy frozen meals on an “emergency shelf” in the freezer. You can always keep fresh fruits and veggies on hand, but a few non-perishable backups will help you double down on healthy eating when time is tight.

6. Tell your coach how you’re doing.

We are here for you! If you’re having a great day, let us know. If you’re struggling, we want to know about that, too. Communication is critical, and it will help us tailor our service to give you exactly what you need each day. And you know you always have an open line to me. Stay in touch!

Fall Fitness!

We’re fired up to work with you, and we can’t wait to see what you can do after getting a little extra rest and relaxation. Let’s crush it. What do you want to accomplish in the next three months?

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