Taking Your Performance To The Next Level

Today I feel stuck.
I don’t feel like working out.
I woke up, and kind of feel lost.
I want to get more done.
I want to work out.
I have so much I want to do.

Have you ever felt disorganized, unmotivated, and not sure what to do?

Most people have no daily plan and struggle with staying organized and efficient. 

This is one of the biggest areas of potential growth I see in all our clients.

Here’s how we can get better.

Be more intentional of who you are, what you want ,and where you invest your time.

Make a big deal about how you act and how you behave — instead of how you feel.  

If we can take time to schedule our tomorrow then we know what we will be doing before we go to bed tonight. We will be more motivated and committed to executing on what we scheduled, know exactly what we plan on doing, and take the steps towards what we want.

It also helps to let your mentor/coach know. An external motivator who will hold you accountable. Someone to keep your feet to the fire.

What does that look like?
Coach, “You said you wanted to get better at running. Set your alarm for 7:00am, with your gym clothes and running shoes near your bed. Wake up, get dressed, and run. Text me after your run.”

In Strength and Love,

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