Safety & Sanitation

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) and local governing bodies continue to release guidelines for keeping patrons safe and healthy during visits to the gym in the time of COVID-19. We are keeping a close eye on those guidelines to ensure that we remain in compliance with requirements and prioritize your health before all else. 

We have compiled a list of the practices that we have implemented in order to make sure that your experience at 623 is not only fun and fitness-focused, but also safe. 

Pre-Arrival & Arrival Procedures

  • Online reservations for classes and appointments to ensure group sizes are within regulations
  • Any signs of potential illness, workout at home for a day or two.
  • Notify 623 staff if you’ve been tested lately, and are awaiting results.
  • Ensure that your coach has checked you in 

Utilizing Outdoor Space

  • We are using the parking space between the building for in-person sessions in order to limit use of indoor facilities.

Social Distancing & Limited Contact 

  • We have created multiple spaces for each athlete equipped with everything you need to get on with your fitness! 
  • Gym set-up allows for appropriate social distancing as you workout outside
  • Coaches have designated areas from which to coach you while respecting your physical space
  • Air high fives and verbal encouragement in the place of high fives and fist bumps in order to limit physical contact 
  • Virtual fists are preferred on SugarWOD.

Extra Precautions with Equipment 

  • Athlete spaces will have sanitized equipment provided in order to prevent congregating, sharing, or contact with more equipment than what is needed
  • Athletes have always and will always clean up their equipment and space. We’ve done this before COVID but please continue to use the disinfecting sprays. Remember, move the equipment to it’s home, THEN spray and wipe.

Wear a Cloth Face Covering 

  • Masks are optional while you are in class working out outside.
  • Masks are mandatory when you leave class.

As we discuss the things that we are doing in order to keep our community safe and healthy, it’s also worth acknowledging that there are also things that you can do to add to our efforts as well: 

  • Stay home if you are sick or suspect an oncoming illness
  • Use social distancing during unstructured time, and avoid communal gatherings before and after classes
  • Wash and/or sanitize hands upon arrival and after your class 
  • Wear a cloth face covering if that’s how you feel safest

We are so glad that you continue to prioritize your health and our community during this unprecedented time. You are each an example of overcoming challenges and embracing new ones – this is no different! Together we can keep moving toward fitness and care for one another. 

In health and happiness,
Dan & T

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