Not Sure If You’re Ready To Go Back To The Gym?

“I’m not sure I want to come back to the gym yet. What should I do when you reopen?”

This pandemic has shifted many things in your world. One thing that is super important to you is fitness. However, with the new 6 foot distant guideline and the potential that someone could pass on COVID to you, and your loved ones, could be reasons to keep you working out at home.

If you do NOT want to come to the gym, that is OKAY! CrossFit 623 will continue providing the coaching YOU need to succeed. If you are interested in creating a customized health and fitness program, then message coach Dan or T.

Your program could look like; SugarWOD App access (pick your workout of the day), adapting individual accountability, maybe coming into the gym 1x a week for Personal Training during off hours, nutrition coachin,g or sending coach videos of your lifts, and/or more.

The beauty with working as your coach is that we can individualize the approach to you. The best part is we will monitor and adjust the process as we go.

Good things take time. But its the decision to commit to your health, and your relationship with a mentor/coach, that will get you to where you want to go.

In Strength and Love,
Dan & T

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