“I know I should lift weights, but I don’t want to bulk up.”

You won’t, I promise.
Listen, if just lifting weights would bulk people up there are a lot of guys that would love that.
It’s not that easy.

The amount of calories someone needs to eat to put on mass would astonish you. I know a few people who can’t put on weight/mass because they need to eat 4 full course meals a day plus 2 big portion snacks.

We would be able to calculate the exact calorie count you need to reach your goal – to gain or lose.

Lifting weights have many benefits. The weight training benefits include improved body posture and composition, boosting metabolism, gaining bone density, better sleep, and weight loss. Weight lifting also helps with lowering inflammation. All of this is important for longevity.

Weight lifting will give your body that feeling of being tight in the arms and legs that builds body definition.

At 623 we tend to use weight lifting mix with some cardio to give you a great workout. Strength training is an important part of the training program here. Do not let the weights scare you. And it’s not even about lifting heavy all the time. Move the weights really well. When you can consistently move the weight with the correct form, then we can more weight.

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